Davis Cup: Great Britain vs Australia Who is going to be the winner?

A very difficult decision’

Britain Davis Cup captain Leon Smith talking to BBC Two about picking Dan Evans: «It was a very difficult decision. James Ward has played a massive part over the years but I felt it wasn’t the right time for him on the back of a tough summer and I hope he can regroup and fight for the place.

«For Kyle Edmund he has had a terrific year. Great progress and I was edging towards him but he went over his ankle and although not a serious injury it planted some doubts. I don’t think you can risk that.

«So I brought in Dan Evans, the summer he has had a lot of matches and a lot of wins. Certain things in his game he can cause problems. I know his personality suits big crowds in the Davis Cup.»

GB team

SOURCE: http://www.bbc.com/sport/live/tennis/34020686



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