#The Week in Pictures: Oct. 22 – 29

The Gateway Arch goes gold, an earthquake shakes South Asia, a Royal loses a parent, sheep help shepherds make a statement and more.

. Residents gather to observe the sky with telescopes while participating in an open-air astronomy class in the Samalayuca Desert, on the outskirts of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, on Oct. 23. Locals broke the Guinness record with the largest number of participants in an astronomy lesson with 1168 people assisting, breaking the previous record held by Shire of Kalamunda in Australia with 1104 participants, according to local media.Jose Luis Gonzalez / Reuters

. A man escapes from a fire in Paranaque city, south of Manila, Philippines, on Oct. 29.Francis R. Malasig / EPA

. A woman holds a parasol as she stands in a field of fireweed, or Kochia scoparia, on a sunny autumn day at the Hitachi Seaside Park in Hitachi, north of Tokyo, on Oct. 26. Fireweed is a grass bush that takes on a bright red color in autumn.Thomas Peter / Reuters

. People rush an injured woman to a local hospital in Peshawar, Pakistan, on Oct. 26. A powerful 7.7-magnitude earthquake in northern Afghanistan rocked cities across South Asia. Strong tremors were felt in Kabul, New Delhi and Islamabad on Monday. In the Pakistani capital, walls swayed back and forth and people poured out of office buildings in a panic, reciting verses from the Quran.

Gallery: Earthquake Rocks Afghanistan, Pakistan, IndiaMohammad Sajjad / AP

. Kansas City Royals player Edinson Volquez, third from Right, embraces his sister Wendy Volquez, left, and mother Ana Ramirez as they stand next to the body of his father during his wake at a funeral home in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on Oct. 28. Volquez played Game 1 of the World Series on Tuesday night, just hours after his father died of heart failure in the Dominican Republic. The elder Volquez, a mechanic, introduced his son to the game when he was about 10 years old.Tatiana Fernandez / AP

. Police officers attend the funeral of New York Police Officer Randolph Holder outside The Greater Allen A.M.E Cathedral and Conference Center in Queens, New York, on Oct. 28. Holder, 33, a native of Guyana, was shot and killed while chasing a suspect in the East Harlem area of Manhattan.

Photo Gallery: New York Mourns Five Year NYPD Veteran After ShootingAndrew Gombert / EPA

. Riders on horseback herd bison during an annual roundup of one of the country’s largest and oldest public herds on Oct. 23, on Antelope Island, Utah. Utah State Parks workers are moving the animals from across the island on Friday so they can be weighed, tagged and given health checkups. Antelope Island is on the Great Salt Lake, about 50 miles north of Salt Lake City.Rick Bowmer / AP

. An unmanned Army surveillance blimp which broke loose from its ground tether in Maryland floats through the air about 1,000 feet about the ground while dragging a several thousand foot tether line just south of Millville, Pa., on Oct. 28.

Video: Runaway Billion-Dollar Surveillance Blimp Goes Down in PennsylvaniaJimmy May / Bloomsburg Press Enterprise via AP

. Adacia Chambers slams her car through a crowd of spectators attending a homecoming parade on Oct. 24, in Stillwater, Okla. killing four people and injuring dozens more. The image was taken from video shot by 17-year-old Connor Greco of Frisco, Texas, who was recording a band at the tail end of Oklahoma State University’s homecoming parade when she heard what sounded like an explosion and saw a Hyundai Elantra crashing into a crowd of people at a high rate of speed.Connor J. Greco via AP

. A man swims as he arrives on the island of Lesbos after crossing the Aegean sea from Turkey to Greece on an overcrowded inflatable boat on Oct. 27.Santi Palacios / AP

. Paramedics and doctors try to revive a baby after a boat with refugees and migrants sunk while it was crossing the Aegean sea from Turkey to the Greek island of Lesbos on Oct. 28. The condition of the child is not known. Greek authorities said Wednesday that at least five people, including four children, have drowned as thousands of refugees and economic migrants continued to head to the Aegean Sea islands in frail boats from Turkey, in worsening weather.Santi Palacios / AP

. Morning fog floats above the village of Pilisborosjeno, Hungary, on Oct. 25.Balazs Mohai / EPA

. The Gateway Arch is lit with golden-colored lights just before sunrise, Oct. 28, in St. Louis. The city is celebrating the moment when the final piece of the 630-foot-tall structure was put into place on Oct. 28, 1965.David Carson / St. Louis Post-Dispatch via AP

. Migrants warm themselves next to a campfire at the Slovenian-Austrian border in Sentilj, Slovenia on Oct. 26. Austrian officials say thousands of refugees and other migrants have spent the night outdoors in cold fall weather as authorities struggle to keep up with the steady flow.Gyorgy Varga / MTI via AP

. A column of migrants moves through fields after crossing from Croatia, in Rigonce, Slovenia, on Oct. 25. Thousands of people are trying to reach central and northern Europe via the Balkans, but often have to wait for days in mud and rain at the Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian borders.Darko Bandic / AP

. A counternarcotic special forces police officer gifts powdered milk to a girl returning from school, after the police patrol destroyed an illegal coca laboratory or maceration pond, in Tingo Maria, Peru, on Oct. 26. According to the police, most labs are simple operations where only the basic chemicals like acid, quick lime and gasoline are used to turn coca leaves into paste. The paste is later transported in 11 kilo backpacks called «costales,» to another lab to be turned into cocaine.Rodrigo Abd / AP

. Sheep are led by shepherds through Madrid, Spain on Oct. 25. Shepherds guided a flock of around 2,000 sheep through Madrid streets in defense of ancient grazing, droving and migration rights increasingly threatened by urban sprawl and modern agricultural practices.

Photo Story: River of Sheep Flows Through MadridFrancisco Seco / AP




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