X Factor 2015: Louisa Johnson eyeing up Leona Lewis duet for debut album?

X Factor 2015: Louisa Johnson

Earlier today we reported that Louisa Johnson has vowed to beat the X Factor Curse that has seen many of the winners flop within the first couple of years of their career.

We know that Louisa is a MASSIVE fan of Leona Lewis, and Louisa has even credited Lewis for being the inspiration behind her auditioning for the new in the first place as she would love to emulate the same amount of success that Leona has had.

It goes without saying that Leona has been, by far, the most successful winner that has hailed from The X Factor over its history. Now could Leona Lewis help Louisa out by featuring on her debut album?

Well, if Louisa had her way it would more than likely happen. Hell, Ben Haenow had Kelly Clarkson feature on his debut single, so we’re sure that Syco could stretch to Leona Lewis for Louisa because we think the duet would be FIRE. In fact, Leona said that she really liked Louisa’s voice, so maybe it could happen. We’d love for it to go down.


Louisa told The Sun newspaper: “The dream is to emulate Leona. She was the person who encouraged me to go on the show. She inspired me. I met her during rehearsal on Saturday.

“It was so weird, speaking to the person who made me want to go on X Factor. She said she’d seen me perform and she liked my voice. I wanted to be like her so much, I looked up to her and now I am here”.

Louisa Johnson

She went on to add that she has wanted to be on the show for so many years, and to win it is a dream come true. As for what else Leona told her, Louisa admitted that she told her to just be herself.

“It’s literally the best advice, because it’s so true. You’ve just got to be yourself,” she admitted.

Louisa’s debut single – a cover of Bob Dylan’s Forever Young – is available to download now via iTunes.

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