Ben Haenow sang the WORST note ever during his X Factor duet with Leona Lewis

Ben Haenow sang the WORST note ever during his X Factor duet with Leona Lewis

Ben Haenow returned to The X Factor on Saturday night, a year after he was crowned winner on the show.

He took to the stage to perform with Leona Lewis, who won back in 2006, and their duet featured Slamming Doors and her version of Snow Patrol’s Run.

However, Ben is going to be cringing when he watches back his performance as he managed to produce the worst singing note, possibly ever by a professional singer.

(picture: Syco/Thames/Corbis/Dymond)
(picture: Syco/Thames/Corbis/Dymond)

One keen viewer recorded the moment and posted a video to YouTube for you to not enjoy.

Fleur East and Little Mix on the other hand proved just how good The X Factor can be for finding talent, and they smashed their mash-up performance of Black Magic and Sax.

The highlight for most people though, was Craig David joining Reggie ‘N’ Bollie for a special rendition of Rewind.




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