8 Christina Aguilera Songs That Defined Your Teen Years

Christina Aguilera is now 35 years young, but over the course of her remarkable career, the pop star has emerged as a teen-lifer.

Ever since her self-titled debut album dropped in 1999, the lady has been steadily laying down lyrics that speak to the exact experience of going from a little kid to, well, a big kid. Her seductive voice, combined with all those empathetic words of realness, made for the kind of songs that angsty souls did/can/will totally relate to.

  1.  so Emotional!!!

Your first love was probably your most furious and all-consuming one because you had so many ~emotions~ just out there for the claiming. And whoever was lucky (?) enough to be on the receiving end of your affection was your very favorite and most hated person, depending on the day. This was you.

2. I Turn to You!!!

During those fleeting moments when you actually appreciated Mom/Dad/whoever raised you, this was your truth.

3. I Hate Boys


Before tayolr swift here comes xtina to offer you some anti-love songs!!!


4. Gennie in a Bottle!!!

One of her first well-known songs and one of which made her popular!!!


5. Beautiful!!!

A song  which talks about differnce. Not only is this song the self-esteem anthem we all needed (and still do), but the video is kind of ahead of its time with messages of self-worth and acceptance and all the wonderful things.


6. Can’t hold us Down!!!

This song talks about how is to be a woman and to be proud of it!!!


7. The Voice Within!!!

The chillingly amazing ballad pierced all the feel spots with its messages of inner strength and creating a better reality for oneself.


8. Fighter!!!

A very strong ballad sang by her beautiful voice. That moment when you transcended the tears and turned up the notch on your flex fury… it was a beautiful thing.


Source: http://www.mtv.com/news/2691461/christina-aguilera-teen-years-songs/



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