Review: Leona Lewis, Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow

Review: Leona Lewis, Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow

When Leona Lewis first stunned the world with her rare powerhouse voice as winner of the X Factor in 2006, music fans expected big things.

With a voice that could have made Lewis, the UK’s answer to the late Whitney Houston –  you would have thought she would be gracing the stage of the SSE Hydro and performing to a crowd of thousands more than 10 years after her first taste of success.

But the songstress instead brought her I Am Tour to the more modest surroundings of the Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow tonight and continued to echo the voice which proves she is a raw talent.

Opening in an understated manner with I Am the singer queried, «Glasgow, how are you?» before belting out Better in Time.

The 30-year-old Londoner then took us back in time with the tracks that kick started her career, Footprints in the Sand and the X Factor winners song Moment Like This.

The star admitted that her mum and dad were in audience boasting that they go to every show before dedicating Thank You to them.

There is a shyness and vulnerability about Lewis’ demeanour on-stage but her incredible vocals bolster her presence.

Covers of Sam Smith’s Stay With Me and Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time showed Lewis has an adaptability to take on any power ballad while Ave Maria was a show-stopping moment.

The Ryan Tedder-penned Bleeding Love was a crowd-pleaser and established that with the right song Lewis can stand tall amongst the singing greats.

Now here are some singles that made leona famous to the public:




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