‘Voice’ contestant Joe Maye puts a spell on Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton

It’s not often you get to witness magic on a reality TV show, but Tuesday night, singer Joe Maye put a spell over all of the «Voice» coaches during the blind auditions. And then he had to make a very difficult choice: Go with Team Christina (Aguilera) or Team Blake (Shelton)?

Both coaches wanted him on their teams after Maye delivered a wallop of a performance with «I Put a Spell on You» that had Aguilera turning and telling him, «You are my man, Joe! You have got to be on my team!»

Pharrell Williams remembered a previous audition by Maye that didn’t bring him through, which had the singer delighted. This time, though, he clearly picked the right song, which was written by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins in 1956.

«It’s all about navigating this gauntlet, and you don’t want to do that with somebody who’s not really familiar with how to make it to the end of the show,» Shelton noted, wagging a finger Aguilera’s way.

But Aguilera wasn’t having any of that. «That is one of my favorite songs in the whole wide world. I’d actually like to sing that with you,» she said, taking the game to a new level.

voice-christina-contestant-002-today-160309The Voice

Joe Maye and Christina Aguilera get wrapped up in the magic.

«You’re a dead man, Shelton,» Adam Levine told him as Aguilera took the stage and dived right into the tune with Maye in a brief, electric duet.

Score one for Aguilera! She knows how to wield her pipes to extraordinary effect, in more ways than one.




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