Music mash up by Annaoglou Margaritis!!!

A music mash-up that I want to share with you!!! Best songs of this year till now and great music videos

So are you ready for a music journey???

First of all the one and only Christina Aguilera with her brand new song called Change. she dedicates it to the victims of Orlando shooting:


Moving on we can hear a song called Me Too by Meghan Trainor:


After this uplifting song we can hear Rihanna ft Calvin Harris and This is what you came for:


We could not leave behind British pop star Leona Lewis with her song Fire Under My Feet:


Moving on we can see Justin Bieber and his song Company:


And then the one and only Jennifer Lopez with her hit I ain’t your mamma:


After this uptempo song here comes Fergie with her brand new song called M.I.L.F.$:


And after all these songs we should always include a song by Adele, called send my Love:


And a group comes out Fifth Harmony with their song Work From Home:


And last but not least Ariana Grande with Into you:


So this was our journey into the world of music!!! Thanks for Listening!!!




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