Greece 2017: Demy confirmed negotiations for Eurovision participation

At the premiere for the summer season yesterday Demy confirmed in an interview at E TV station the reports of previous days, that she might be the next artist to represent Greece in the upcoming Eurovision Song contest next year in Ukraine. Demi revealed, that she is already in discussions with her team about her possible participation.

As we have already reported in our previous article, things are changing within the Greek broadcaster ERT. Dionisis Tsaknis is leaving the Eurovision project, and CEO of the Greek public TV station Lambis Tagmatarhis takes over. ERT’s plans for next year is an internal selection again. According to the same reportage Lambis Tagmatarhis is already in contact with the golden duet Dimitris Kontopoulos and Fokas Evangelinos, in order to bring Greece back in success after 3 years of failure, culminating of course this year’s failure in the semi finals.

My opinion: Well i love demy and i want so badly to be her next year in Kiev!!! But i would also love to see Eleni Foureira because she can make great shows and crazy dance moves!!! But i would be excited if the golden duet of Eurovision Fokas Evangelinos and Dimitris Kontopoulos collaborate to make a huge success for Greece in Eurovision 2017!




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