Christina aguilera is… Super Mario!!!

Christina Aguilera’s Daughter Summer Turns 2, Celebrates With Super Mario-Themed Bash!

Christina Aguilera’s adorable daughter Summer turned 2 on Saturday, August 20, and the Voice coach celebrated her little girl’s big day with a Super Mario Bros.-themed bash.

Mommy, Daddy and Me!

Mommy, Daddy and Me!

Aguilera and her fiancé, Matthew Rutler, transformed their backyard into a Super Mario Bros. play zone, complete with mini construction sites and a giant bouncy slide.

Special Request

Special Request

Asked what she wanted for her birthday, Summer only had one thing on her wish list: “Chocolate cake! With Sprinkles!”

Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love

Aguilera told Us that Summer likes watching older brother, Max — who the star shares with ex-husband Jordan Bratman — and copying her sibling’s actions. “[He] has inspired Summer to be a little daredevil herself,” the Grammy winner said.




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