Video Alert: xtina is releasing a new video for Telepathy!

Yesterday legentina xtina published a thank note for her fighters that helped Telepathy reach No #2 in billboard dance charts. The song made a debut in the 48th place and climbed all through 2nd place this week!!!

Let’s simply say that she looks stunning with this disco ball!!! We are waiting for a possible video clip as rumours claim that the director is found and the «golden» name is: Hannah Lux Davis.


She has also directed the following videos: Into You, Side to Side, Focus and aritsts like Nicki Minaj and Jessie J. I repeat these are just rumours.

Later another photo was posted with aguilera striking another pose:

So we are waiting for a video clip and DiscoTina to come and simply slay as she usually does.

In this point i would like to thank xtina for making me a fighter and helping me realise that i am beautiful no matter what they say.

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