It’s Halloween Time!

Halloween is a fest celebrated all through USA,UK and more countries. Children go out in the night and play the well-known game «Trick or Treat» where they knock people doors and ask them this question. People usually give them candies!

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για halloween 2016

Adults usually hang out and dance in several parties.

As a blogger i searched for the most amazing costumes of this week:

Statuesque: On Saturday evening singer Leona Lewis  attended the annual Trick Or Treats magazine Halloween party in Los Angeles

Eye-candy: Leona's most stylish accessory may have been boyfriend Dennis Jauch - a muscle-bound dancer and choreographer who flaunted his man cleavage in a mesh vest and blazer

One of my favourite looks of these days is definitely leona lewis. She was smokin hot with her boyfriend when they attended a party in LA !! Leona was body painted and was shining from the bottom to the top. Her boyfriend was of a silver colour and they were awesome together!

Another major look was that of Kylie Jenner. She was dressed like Xtina in her video called «Dirrty ft Redman». She was great wearing one of the most iconic costumes of the singer! We should also say that Christina is currently No #1 in billboard dance club charts with her song Telepathy and due to Kylie’s videos and pictures the singer’s name became a trend on Twitter. Let’s take a look:

Dirrty! Kylie Jenner got nostalgic for Halloween, dressing up as Christina Aguilera from her Dirrty music video

Exact match! Christina in 2002

The video of Dirrty is one of the most iconic of all time. Let’s enjoy xtina:


That’s all for today! Stay tuned in for more world and celebritiy news!



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