HOT ALERT: GlamX is coming (maybe on March 2017)! Xtina will release another perfume!


Its been 10 years since Christina Aguilera started producing a series of successful perfumes and now we have info that Xtina will be releasing a new perfume called GlamX! Quiet hot, do you agree?


BISHHHHHHH I’M FUCKING SHOOOOOOKKK TO THE MUTHERFUCKING GROUND!!!!!! @xtina will release her 10th and brand new fragrance #GlamX!!! I WAITED AGES FOR HER TO RELEASE A BRAND NEW SCENT! It took time because she signed a contract with Elizabeth Arden. That means that her perfumes will also be available in the US!!! The bottle is the same as #TouchOfSeduction but the flowers are black and the whole bottle is gold and frosted. Can we talk about the ad??!! I’m officially shook

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This is a tweet by @AtheSperfume who said that Christina Aguiera will release her new perfume! Well he/she seems to be excited as we do!

Also , aosurce informed me that Xtina is working on a photoshoot that: ‘it’s going to be awesome and gorgeous»

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Cant wait for the perfume to be on the market! Well i am not going to try it cause its a perfume only for women! But i am sure that it is gonna be great as always!

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Meanwhile, there are sources like which support Christina has moved from RCA and went to UMG! In my opinion a good choice for Legentina! Her album is going to be released later this year! Some sources say soon…

In a recent tweet of @KingDavidsPen where he was saying important news are on the way, i made this comment…

please make it be

And as you can see he liked my tweet! To conclude, 2017 is already looking promising for the love of my life Xtina! With the right promotion campaign and appereances she will slay the whole music industry again!
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Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για christina aguilera stunning
Mark my words Christina is going to slay this year! See y’all
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