Christina Aguilera Exclusive News!

Ahh do you remember when Xtina attended all these fashion shows, award shows and actually performed her songs! Well the time has come for Legentina Xtina to slay the music industry once again.

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Her team and Christina Aguilera herlsef are planning a BIG comeback for her and guess what…. Madam X is planning to perform at the VMA’s this year to mark her comeback to the music industry!

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But i repeat that this is a plan! They are still negotiating with  the executives of the show because Xtina wants this to be really big as always. She hasn’t released a solo album since 2012 so she has to make a WOW appereance.

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Also according to TheChristinaVip Xtina has done recording her new album and she is having meetings to finalize her album. Her team also has to choose the tracks that will make the final cut. Also, there are a lot of female collaborations in the album but we are not sure which will make the cut.

The collab with Rihanna is very likely to make the final cut and i think we all hope it does!


We should all wait for the best! Xtina’s album is finalized , but producers and her team are having meeetings over meetings so they can choose which songs are going to make it.

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And as for the VMA’s performance i REPEAT: her team and herslef are still planning to do so! I don’t know what she is going to sing, but if she does, it will be sth REALLY big and that’s a sure thing!

Also , keep an eye on my blog cause later i will upload the 4th part of ProjectX, a series of interviews from fighters exprecing their love and support to Xtina!

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για christina aguilera stunning


I am sooooo excited about this, are you? Let me know by commenting on the post and DM me if you want with some personal comments!

Thanks for waiting to post the article!





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