ProjectX A Tribute To Xtina Continues!


I am super excited that the Project about Xtina has become so big with your help guys! On the other hand i am really sad because in a few days this amazing tribute will come to an end after an amazing week.

So let’s start with the amazing fighter called @KevvoAguilera:

Project X


1. When did you become a fighter?

I first became a Fighter in 2004. I was struggling with my identity at the time when I watched the ‘Beautiful’ video on MTV. It was the first time I had ever seen two men kissing and I was stunned. I had known for a while that I felt different than others and let’s just say that video confirmed it. I like to think that through that video I found my identity.



2. What is something special that according to you Xtina has?

Christina Maria Aguilera has beauty. Physically and spiritually. She has an incredible instrument that is so soothing for me and her tone is distinctive. Christina is also a wonderful human being. Her charity work, mentoring work and the way she is with her children proves that.



3. What’s your Fave song of hers (released or unreleased)?

This is a difficult question. It really depends. My top three are ‘Makes Me Wanna Pray’, ‘Impossible’ and ‘Cruz’.



4. What’s your fave collab of hers?

In terms of her successful collabs, ‘Say Something’. It was nice to hear her on the radio a lot and it was a perfect song to remind the public of her talent. My other favourite would be ‘The Prayer’ featuring Chris Mann. Her vocals on that are perfect.



5. What’s your thoughts on X6? (stlyle,red carpet, videos) and do you think it will be successful?

I really have no idea. I remember the whole ‘Caviar Ratchet’ chat on twitter and XRed. However, it seems like she is going down a more personal route. However, If I have learned anything from being a fan for over 12 years, expect the unexpected. Christina has a way of shocking you that I think no one else has. You have no idea what you are going to get. Either way, I am looking forwards to X6.



6. What’s your fave red carpet appereance of Xtina?

MTV video music awards 2006. She looked sensational. For a five-footer, she looked statuesque.



7. The best intro from her albums?

Stripped intro. (Unless you count Enter the Circus/Welcome from B2B disc 2). The Stripped intro is probably one of her most shocking tracks. The transition from bubblegum pop to an actual artist is a thing of beauty.



8. How does Xtina helped you in your life?

Any powerful lyrics that have become your moto? ‘Life is a journey, it can take you anywhere you choose to go’. Christina Aguilera has helped me a lot. She helped me become a strong, confident, independent person. She helped me embrace my identity. Her songs have a healing effect on me and I know her music is always there for me.



9. Is there something you want to say to our queen X, the legendary Christina Aguilera?

You say, ‘always speak your truth’ and I plead with you to continue to do that. The resilience, strength, warmth and love you exude helps me on a day to day basis. It has been an honour to follow your career for the past 12 years and I look forward to the next chapters.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για christina aguilera live


Moving on to the wonderful @XtianMiranda:

1. When did you become a fighter?

Summer of 1999



2. What is something special that according to you Xtina has?

«It» she can do it all…while wearing Christian Louboutin heels!



3. What’s your Fave song of hers (released or unreleased)?

Loving me for me, I will be (unreleased) contigo en la distancia is also up there, and all the songs from the burlesque soundtrack



4. What’s your fave collab of hers?

Nobody wants to be lonely featuring Ricky Martin



5. What’s your thoughts on X6? (style,red carpet, videos) and do you think it will be successful?

I really do, the world is ready for a new Xtina moment!



6. What’s your fave red carpet appereance of Xtina?

The whole Back to Basics era was stunning, but the stripped era pink Roberto Cavalli VMA was fab, The Versace Soft pink Golden Globes moment is everything! And honestly The Versace chainlink butterfly Grammy dress is epic!

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για christina aguilera roberto cavalli pink dress



7. The best intro from her albums?

Lotus intro, B2B, and Stripped intros




8. How does Xtina helped you in your life? Any powerful lyrics that have become your moto?

I got thru my awkward years thru her music, her voice, and as she has had hardships in her career I love that she persisted and continues to be herself in landscape dominated by artist who buy their accolades and hype! 👀



9. Is there something you want to say to our queen X, the legendary Christina Aguilera?

Dear Legendtina Goduilera, you are and forever shall be my Queen!


10. And tell us something about you! A message you want world to know about you? «Stripped of all make up, no need for fancy clothes No cover ups, push ups With him, I don’t have to put on a show He loves every freckle, every curve, every inch of my skin Fulfilling me entirely, taking all of me in He’s real, he’s honest, he’s loving me for me».

And now @Here4Xtina:

1. I was a Fighter before Xtina stans were coined «Fighters» haha! Stan since 1998!



2. Something special about her is that voice obviously. But because I’ve grown up with her all these years, I’ve seen her evolve time after time. Something you don’t get much of anymore these days.



3. My favorite song of hers is Fighter. She has so many bops and personally faves of mine but Figher sums of her career.



4. My fave collab of hers is a tie between Lady Marmalade and Say Something.



5. I’m ecstatic about X6. This is longest she’s taken but it’s proof this will be a masterpiece and put her back on top. I def sense a mix of Stripped and B2B. I think as long as she finally releases it this year, it’ll be successful. Even if you’re not a fan, you’re freaking hungry for it.



6. My fave red carpet appearance of hers was her Baby Jane alter-ego.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για christina aguilera baby jane 2006



7. The best album intro of hers is Stripped. Like «Hello, I’m back bitches!»



8. Omg this is a tough one! She’s got a song for everything, every mood. Anything off Stripped really. It helped me find peace with being gay and my parents divorce. It came out during that difficult time. Her music carried me all these years!



9. Xtina, gurl, I love you and want X6 in my hands, last year! Hehe! Seriously though, thank you so much for giving me the power to survive all these years. You’re seriously the most underrated, underappreciated artist ever!



10. Nope! Thank you!!! 🤗 Lol


And last but not least here it comes to close ProjectX Part 6 the fighter @legendary_CA:

1. I became a fighter in 2013 after hearing the song feel this moment on the radio.

Σχετική εικόνα



2. Something special that xtina has is the amazing tone she has in her voice. It’s out of this world amazing!



3. My favorite song is either mercy on me or hurt, but she has so many amazing songs it’s so hard to chose.



4. My favorite collaboration she has is probably say something.



5. It’s so hard to figure out what x6 will be like. The term caviar ratchet was used but that was a while ago. I’m just expecting something great, since she has been working on it for so long. I can’t say if it will be successful; odds are against her for sure. We can only hope it’ll be successful and try our best as fighters to promote it.



6. My favorite red carpet appearance is her 2013 AMA look. We were all shook.

Glamour puss: The 32-year-old singer dropped jaws in the sexy white gown



7. All her intros are good, but I guess I’ll lean toward the stripped intro.



8. Xtinas voice alone has gotten me through times of sadness. Often I’ll feel like people don’t appreciate me and that’s when I turn to her song under appreciated, because I can relate.



9. Yes xtina please release x6 we are all dying. Also you are amazing and we all love you so much! Your voice inspired me everyday!



10. Hm I guess never be afraid to be yourself. I talk about my music taste to my friends all the time and they think I’m weird for it lol, so just be yourself and don’t be embarrassed of what you like or who you are!

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για christina aguilera 2013



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